Gadsden Outfitters/Gamecock Outfitters is dedicated to providing solutions to outdoor recreation with a high level of knowledge, customer interaction, and products that are the best for the conditions. Gadsden Outfitters/Gamecock Outfitters also strives to provide customers with information to have a fun, responsible, and safe outdoor experience. At GO, we believe in utilizing our outdoor resources and work hard to encourage support for local parks, environmental stewardship, consumer responsibility, and events that embody those beliefs. Gadsden Outfitters/Gamecock Outfitters’ intense respect for community and the value it adds to our lives, combined with enthusiasm and experience, create more than a retail store. We invite you to visit our shop!

Gadsden Outfitters/Gamecock Outfitters is passionate about the outdoors and helping others experience it. We want you to get exactly what you need and get back outside having fun. We appreciate every opportunity to help you GO Explore!

Service embodies Gadsden Outfitters/Gamecock Outfitters’ recommendations. Whether you’re car camping at the local park, day hiking local trails, headed off to college, taking a trip overseas, or planning a thru hike of the AT, Gadsden Outfitters/Gamecock Outfitters’ will give you honest advice for your endeavor.